conformity- a playlist

Beginning now, we will continually post a monthly playlist in accordance with the monthly theme, curated by different, varying humans. If you’d like your playlist to be featured, please submit ideas/pitches to us before each month. Here is this month’s playlist, Conformity, below. This playlist is a small compilation of songs that defy and play with the status quo and conformist, traditional expectations of oneself and … Continue reading conformity- a playlist

riptide- a cover

This is certainly not intended to overgeneralize the adolescent population, because we as a generation clearly face far too much stereotyping/adult condescension/overgeneralization as it currently is, but as a teenage human, I can infer that the majority of my fellow teenage Americans find much meaning in music. Music. This is not a piece on music, because that is a far different piece, a highly complicated piece … Continue reading riptide- a cover