The Odyssey Zine is an online independent magazine for teenagers dedicated to reconstructing the idea of a personal “odyssey”, through literature, intersectional feminism, and politics. Adolescence exists as an erratic maelstrom of confusion unlike any other, but we believe firmly in the power of (underestimated) teenage voices. Also, adamant Bernie Sanders fans. We warmly welcome all submissions!


Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Sofia Sears:

Sofia is a seventeen-year-old adamant fan of intersectional feminism, literature, and Ezra Koenig’s twitter. She considers herself to be a writer, political activist, and reader of all things. She also enjoys Model UN puns and excessive references to Hamilton. Find her various progress and mistakes in life here and here. She runs Project Femme, a progressive youth organization, and writes for a myriad of publications. Contact her directly at sofesea@gmail.com.

Assistant Managing Editor/Art Director: Peter Stern:

Peter is a senior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, although considers himself an honorary student of “High School Musical”‘s East High as well. You can often find him shelving books with Kayti the Librarian, designing 3D models of Moana, or dancing with his cat. Contact him at peterstern18@k12.xrds.org.

Full Time Contributors:

Lucia Zheng: Hi, my name is Lucia. I’m currently a junior in high school at the International School of Beaverton, located in Portland, Oregon. In my spare time, I love to read novels, drink coffee, explore my city and discover new alternative/indie music. I’m passionate about youth involvement in politics and reform in the public education system. I am inspired by the expansive future of progressive politics, and in particular, movements spearheaded by young people. On The Odyssey Zine, I share a little bit of everything, from musings regarding adolescence to opinion pieces on current events. I am so glad that I can be a part of making this project come to fruition. For other inquiries, I can be contacted at:zheng.lucia@gmail.com. Please enjoy the various works featured in this publication!

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