The Odyssey Zine warmly welcomes and encourages (all and any!!) submissions. We are primarily looking for submissions from teenagers, however, we’re definitely open to pieces by adults. We accept anything, including but not limited to: fiction, essays, rants, poetry, journalism, playlists, photography, diary entries, artwork of any kind, and anything else you feel you want to share with the universe. Please be aware that we cannot accept anything that uses materials that do not belong to you, such as music, photography, etc, if you do not have permission to use them or don’t give them credit. If you’re unsure about something, please email us at We’re always happy to help! Also, if you’d like to become a full-time contributor, email us, but please include examples of your work or link us to your personal blog/portfolio. We want to see your incredible art in whatever medium you choose!!

Topics we love: sexuality, intersectional feminism, social justice, literature, gender, mental health, politics, school, etc. Also creative writing is highly encouraged. We’re open to anything. Keep in mind that it is a small team running this zine, so if we don’t get back to you within a week, it isn’t because we don’t like you or your awesome, amazing work, but we’re very busy with high school :(! 

Please submit to

Include: your name (or you can be anonymous), age, where you live, a short bio of yourself and if you’d like, your social media accounts. Include any written work as a Word doc or send us a link to a google doc. Thank you! happy submitting 🙂