The Neo-Victorian Trend: Empowerment Through the Confines of Clothing

By Hailey Andrews     Before there was the Golden Age of Hollywood or the Roaring 20s, there was the Belle Époque, encapsulating an era with its glamor and optimism. Identifiers of this time period include scientific innovations, general prosperity, and the tail end of the Victorian era and the Edwardian era, characterized by the romance of frothed lace, pearl-buttoned high necklines, exquisite trims, and … Continue reading The Neo-Victorian Trend: Empowerment Through the Confines of Clothing

We’re Back

The Odyssey Zine has been on a hiatus-ish break for quite some time now, and I, as Editor-in-Chief, want to apologize for the lack of transparency with that. I was thinking about this publication, and how much I love it, how it allowed me to create something with creative, thoughtful, and passionate young people, how it allowed me to not feel so isolated and alone … Continue reading We’re Back

Liter-share-y: Vol 1.

As an ambitious, often exhaustingly so, and anxious seventeen-year-old girl, literature has, unfortunately, become less of a regular character in the routine of my life. I am immersed in literary analysis in English class, of course, and I adore it, but reading solely for pleasure is something entirely different. I have found myself desperate to revert to the girl I used to be, consuming a … Continue reading Liter-share-y: Vol 1.

soccer practice

This is a piece I wrote in the summer of 2016. It’s unpolished and unedited, but that’s why I’m publishing it.  By Sofia Sears I confront adolescence through a soccer ball. The wind breaks and cracks against my neck and the unsparing humidity of the Rhode Island summer night stifles the soft panting of tracheal discomfort into heaving gasps. Loose feet dazedly stumbling over one … Continue reading soccer practice

power to the people

I recently attended a protest against the unconstitutional, dehumanizing, and authoritarian-leaning Muslim ban last weekend, signed into effect by President Trump in an executive action. I am unequivocal in my belief that this is not a terrorist ban, as Trump puts it, as the majority of countries banned are majority-Muslim countries and have also produced some of the fewest amounts of terrorists statistically. To dehumanize, disparage, … Continue reading power to the people

one last time

A letter from our editor-in-chief, Sofia Sears. The world is a brutal thing that contorts and destroys; things do not falter in their impermanence or instability. Tonight is one of those very things we cannot ever accept or think of as fair but must live through anyways. It is a night that feels cruel, and unwanted, and we shiver away from in this nauseated helplessness, … Continue reading one last time

atlas hands

    A poem by Rachna Shah  i. born Sweat gathers upon brow, opal-shaped teardrops exerted Minutes trickle downward, agony-filled moments A pinch of pain, then a roar of pandemonium erupts Birthed is a wrinkly creature, blood-covered body ii. childhood The world is carved from dreams of tarts and sweets, She spends hours upon the ice, tracing images with plump figures Wobbling upon the creaking … Continue reading atlas hands

Less Athens, More Sparta

This is an art series by Kayla Kane.  “This graphic design piece addresses gender inequality through the lens of classical antiquity. The overarching theme, “change our ancient ways,” is addressed differently in each piece. In this way, my art implies that the issues we consider “ancient” are still widely apparent today. Stylistically, I drew inspiration from the designer Paul Rand, attempting to emulate his variety of collage styles.” … Continue reading Less Athens, More Sparta