We’re Back

The Odyssey Zine has been on a hiatus-ish break for quite some time now, and I, as Editor-in-Chief, want to apologize for the lack of transparency with that. I was thinking about this publication, and how much I love it, how it allowed me to create something with creative, thoughtful, and passionate young people, how it allowed me to not feel so isolated and alone in myself. I’ve been struggling with finding that kind of, for lack of a better word, magic again. I work on many projects at once, and I am often privy to getting far too lost in ambition and overzealous for too many things at once.

So I am cutting out the extraneous things in my life, the burdensome, the things that feel outdated and outgrown or simply not infused by enough commitment. The Odyssey, however, is not one of these. I still love this magazine with all my heart. I want it to be what it can be, what it was.

We’re starting back up again. But things are a bit different. We are now a steadfastly progressive, activist-oriented magazine. Art as activism is everything, and I believe that wholly. We are an inclusive, intersectional, feminist publication, and we aren’t going to ever apologize for that. So here we are. Start submitting to us again. Email us at theodysseyzine@gmail.com. This is a new school year, a new adventure, and a new restart with this magazine. Let’s get going.

Lots of love,


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