riptide- a cover

This is certainly not intended to overgeneralize the adolescent population, because we as a generation clearly face far too much stereotyping/adult condescension/overgeneralization as it currently is, but as a teenage human, I can infer that the majority of my fellow teenage Americans find much meaning in music. Music.

This is not a piece on music, because that is a far different piece, a highly complicated piece that I currently do not have the energy to write (I’m out of green tea) but this is simply a piece acknowledging the immeasurable meaning and passion found in music, particularly as a member of the youth-of-the-world. I find this to be quite a universal agreement: music possesses an innate quality to break people apart and put them back together. Similar to literature, to poetry.

As editor-in-chief and creator of the Odyssey Zine, I’ve made the decision- executive action style (I enjoy pretending I am an intersectional feminist, Bernie Sanders second term-esque POTUS in my spare time)- to create yet another medium for our many myriad interests (was that “myriad” redundant?), and I’ve found an impeccable one in Soundcloud. Beginning now, we will have a Soundcloud for the Odyssey Zine, where we will publish various music pieces we receive as submissions, songs we enjoy, and, most thrillingly and stressfully, podcasts. Our first podcast will be arriving soon, hopefully, but, seeing as we here are all enrolled in school and are, consequently, extremely busy, and also perfectionists, we’d like to be fastidious in our podcast-ing, and make them perfect for you lovely readers to hear. So. To compensate, one of our wonderful contributors, Chrissy, has sent me this song- a cover, of hers- to publish on our Soundcloud. She is an absolutely lovely singer as well as guitar player, and I urge you to give it a listen above. Anyways. More posts on Soundcloud coming soon. Please, as always, email us any/all submissions at, and this now includes music! If anyone has any questions, email us, or comment below. Additionally, you can find us on our Instagram for a quicker response.

My tendency is to stockpile quotes into every single piece I write, so, here you brilliant humans go- and if you have any thoughts on this quote, please tell me! I quite enjoy a good existential/intellectually stimulating/or not intellectually stimulating discussion, always.  This is a quote I find myself readily able to identify with, written by one of my favorite writers.

“I am a victim of introspection”. -Sylvia Plath.


2 thoughts on “riptide- a cover

  1. Sofia, I know this is meant for young adults but I really enjoy your posts. Music is universally enjoyed and transcends age, gender, etc… Loved Chrissy’s song!


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