six am

An anonymous poem Six a.m. We lie, lying on these zero-slopes, lying to ourselves Unencumbered by the light that forces us to face eternal gloom, we zoom- Out of reality, leaving it a speck, horrifyingly tangible yet so far down repressed: Like a spring it will take rise, but relish as we must the intermediary time. We ourselves are poisoned, poisoned by our beds to … Continue reading six am

conformity- a playlist

Beginning now, we will continually post a monthly playlist in accordance with the monthly theme, curated by different, varying humans. If you’d like your playlist to be featured, please submit ideas/pitches to us before each month. Here is this month’s playlist, Conformity, below. This playlist is a small compilation of songs that defy and play with the status quo and conformist, traditional expectations of oneself and … Continue reading conformity- a playlist

goodbyes like these

An anonymous submission/poem I cut it out of me I cut it out and I didn’t look down I didn’t speak nor did I change my mind It was done Infinitely, deliberately, beautiful It was gone Out of me, you are You small bump of human suffering I saved you from this hellhole A universe of female bodies being legislated Where my humanity shreds itself … Continue reading goodbyes like these

a popped spirit

A piece by Lily Alexander When I was younger, I would tie balloons to my wrist and walk around, a short creature tethered to a brightly colored floating orb. I used to love doing this and would instantaneously burst into tears whenever my balloon got caught on a tree branch and popped. The loss of air and thus life, caused me to become distraught. ⏏ … Continue reading a popped spirit


A poem by Danae Kawamoto A girl once believed she’d soar with her dreams. Unencumbered, desire carried her heart. As her mind ripened, so did savage screams, Of the beasts that tear conviction apart. Beneath fractured smiles, minds confine the new, Remaining, solely fragments left behind. Escaping the dark, she aims to pursue Freedom, the single drug that cures the blind. Helpless, a wasted drop … Continue reading observe


A photo series by Sofia Sears & Peter Stern; thanks to Liz and Kayla for modeling. This photo series was inspired by the song “Oh Henry,” sung quite hauntingly and brilliantly by Judy Henske. It plays off of the historical prosecution of women; the oppression targeted at women directly through the label of “witches,” particularly teenage girls. In film, literature, pop culture, and history, this timeless, … Continue reading coven