A poem by Sofia Sears

rose 2
Photograph by Mia Gleiberman

two roads intersect at midnight

the world cracks apart as the cars collide


the lightning prys through broken windows into empty houses

tries to grasp onto life where there is none anymore


her spine cracks as he shoves her to the ground

he says he really didn’t mean to


sterility and cream colored curtains; last words

her mother’s body still in the hospital bed


a dog runs across a path heedlessly

the splat of flesh and heart shrieks; no one hears


a child is asleep in her bed, waiting for santa claus

and she won’t wake up tomorrow


we still celebrate christmas when fathers and mothers die

we still rejoice around the fire when we know no plump man will be bringing us anything tonight

we still live for false dreams like they are angels come to bring us our salvation


the world gives and gives and gives

but more often, it takes and takes and takes.


no rhyme. no rhythm. no explanations.

no questions.



trying to stoke the universal flame that swallows all

and tries to create something beautiful from the ash.

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