collision, belonging, & peace

A poem by Domonique H. 

Photo by Domonique H.

We’ve got this sense of belonging. Like we’re all a part of something magical. And we all know it’s bigger than us,

but the warm feeling that finally fitting in leaves in the pit of our hollow bellies  is more love than we’ve ever known.

We’re all like floating stars and the longer we float the farther from everything we get. We’re slowly fading out, blinking out of this galaxy into a new

one, where our small stars have become entire suns. Our small stars have collided with other small stars and together we’ve made this big sun

that lights up our own world. Our own world where we all feel like we finally found a small place where we don’t have to tuck ourseves into a corner.

This space, a space made up of our stars and suns is ours. Together.

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