through thin skin

An anonymous submission.  After careful analysis, I’ve discovered that pool parties serve only two purposes. One, to be used as a social gathering for ten year olds, in which you invite only your bestest friends (or, for that matter, the entire grade) over and spray each other with water guns while simultaneously screaming and busting out the earholes of anybody nearby. The second, and primary … Continue reading through thin skin

Monsters in the Night

A piece by Lucia Zheng I prefer to avoid cliches, but unfortunately, in this incident, it’s unavoidable. I fear the Night. Perhaps because I treat it too much like an actual, tangible character, when in reality, it’s simply a space, a state. But its emptiness claws at me, its spidery fingers come lunging at me. When the silence sets, when everything sleeps, I am left … Continue reading Monsters in the Night

what they don’t tell you about grief

A piece by Bella Roth You never know when you are going to lose someone. You never really know when it’s going to be the last time you ever talk to a person before they’re just gone. There’s a void in your body that you never knew was once filled. And the worst part is, is that you’re never taught about grief until after the … Continue reading what they don’t tell you about grief

Four-Word Breaking

A story by Sofia Sears   disintegration: the process of coming to pieces   coming to pieces   I write these words when the world is cold and quiet. I write this definition, plainly, straightforwardly, no trembling hands, no hesitance. Once upon a time I would’ve written about your lips and how uncanny it was that they fit impeccably when they touched mine. Once upon … Continue reading Four-Word Breaking