wabi sabi

A slam poem by Perry Mayo

art by sofia sears

Wabi sabi: a free style

Let’s talk wabi sabi.

Sabi- a mindset, aesthetic of the Japs

Ain’t nothing perfect bout this world, this body or this rap

Wars are raging, lives at stake

Boys wield guns, girls seem free to take

This earth is divided by language and belief

There’s no time to reconnect, to help or send relief

We make mistakes and life is reckless,

In the wake of tragedy, attempts and solutions- feckless,

In a world where guns are held over flowers or hands,

Rapes are excused because of big name brands

He can be shirtless, for her it’s dirty

2013 mass shootings surpassed one thirty

“Oh he’s just a boy! Please Spare Brock Turner!”

He’s a self proclaimed rapist, but put that truth on the back burner

Rihanna’s fine, Both Black Browns are known for rage

We somehow forget, it also came from Penn, Eminem, Polanski and Cage


Wabi sabi, this world ain’t solid

This house is built with steel and marble, next door, cross the street is squalid

More stitches in my face, than my jacket or my shirt

While two towns over, dinner is literal dirt

Kanye’s huge, like a really big deal

Bigger than millions; surviving on bi-weekly meals

Headline news: world’s hottest man

Back page with the ads: raging war in the Stans

This world is wabi sabi and there’s nothing you can do

I’m not perfect, neither are you.


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